Winter Trend

Gypsy, boho, folk, peasant- whatever you want to call it- has become the hardy perennial of fashion- it always seems to be in vogue. I esp like this trend at this time of year as it conjures up images of rural people in the days of olde,  wearing layers and layers of clothing- sheepskin and the like- trying to keep warm in extreme temperatures. I think of this trend and I just feel all snuggly and warm inside.

Monsoon- with their very folk like handwriting, must be rubbing their hands together with glee. Since 2005- what was then referred to as “boho” has been high fashion and though its moved on from the tired skirts of that summer, its still a valid trend. You could argue that this look has always been around since the 70’s to some degree, but this autumn winter it has taken centre stage again. Shops are chock full and overflowing with all things folksy- above is some of the plus size offering….. 

1- $84.00 Torrid, 2- £18.00 Evans, 3 & 4- £79.99 River Island, 5- £12 Topshop, 6- £25.00 New Look Inspire, 7- £6.00 Evans, 8- £25.00 New look Inspire, 9- £6.00 Topshop, 10- £25 New Look (wide fitting).


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