Not Just For Eating

I bet you never thought you’d see the day where Delia Smith was looked upon as a style icon but I’m telling ya- she is. Circa 1980 Delia anyhow.

We have seen the revival of the mushroom haircut over the past year or so (there is a girl in H&M New Street with a great mushroom cut), and while its not a style that would suit me (my head is too round, face too wide- I’d look inflatable) I love seeing it on others. The Delia Smith/ Princess Diana feather is only one brush stroke away from the new mushroom and I am waiting with baited breath to see some bright young thing resurrect this style from the early 80’s archive. I so so so really want to see it so I can clap my hands with glee. If you are the owner of a mushroom hairstyle plllleeeeease reach for your hairbrush, feather that fringe, flip those folicles and start a revolution. Or something.


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