My Reluctant Best Friend

I have a love hate relationship with Evans. A few years ago they seemed to be sleeping on fashion and would only feature trends once they had been tried, tested and discarded by the high street. Now, they have finally developed the confidence to speak up and let their voice be heard, and if I’m looking for a certain of-the-moment-item I stand a better chance of finding it instore than I did around 5 years or so ago. Two tone spectator style shoes? Check! Heeled lace up brogues? Check! Tartan shirt? Check! This is why I love them. I hate them because its just about the only shop I can take my size 26 self to and come out with *something*. They have what I feel is the best plus size offer around simply because they are dedicated to plus sizes and have more actual product, not just have a few rails of large size clothes a la New Look or H&M. I hate them because I end up getting most of my clothes there and I look like an Evans postergirl. Sigh.

Note the 6 and a half stone photo. Eek!

I saw this dress in Look magazine recently and its a real testament to the difference styling can make to a garment. I’ve not seen this dress in the store yet but I have seen it on the website and I didn’t look twice. I saw this photo in Look mag and it caught my eye. Its not edgy and has a whiff of “mumsy” but when teamed with those great accessories and on that gorgeous model, it takes the whiffy mumsy dress into a different league.

The shoes are also from Evans and are FAR too high for me. They don’t look that high in the pic but IRL- my goodness! I like these shoes too and think they would look good with this dress.

Slippery goodness

I saw them in Office and actually stroked them. There is something about the pink pastely shiny goodness of them that made me want to reach out and touch. So I did.


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