Yet ANOTHER blog…..

Yes, I am somewhat late to the blog party and we don’t really need another one to add to the 100 million plus blogs that are clogging up cyberspace, but I couldn’t let another day pass without diving into the pool. So here I am.

So what do I have to say thats so different and interesting enough for people to listen to? My general rants, moans, complaints, greviences and delights about all manner of things but in particular- fashion. Especially plus size fashion and the sorry lack of it.

No- let me start again as I did promise myself that this was going to be a *positive* exercise where I don’t focus on the LACK of clothing options available but instead highlight the best of the offer.  Lets face it, shopping for on trend clothing bigger than a UK size 14 can be very frustrating but maybe if we all band together and stay informed as to what there is out there, we may take the sting out of it all a little and I can return from my shopping trips with a smile on my face and a spring in my step instead of dragging myself home in a huff because I can’t find anything I like that fits. *Sigh*.

So heres to shopping and coming home happy *raising glass*.


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