I concede defeat

Chartreuse summerTop- Monsoon, jeggings- Evans, bag- H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams (only black left online), bracelet- M&S, earrings- Topshop.


Not the most exciting fashion look I’ve ever posted but this H by Henry Holland bag is already making my summer even though its only April. There is one significant thing about this look dear readers, and it’s not the bag.

I’m wearing jeggings.

I submit. The hybrid fashion horror has won as I can fight no more. I’ve been avoiding jeggings like the plague since their inception however many years ago, simply because I hate the name. However, I’m now waving the white flag and have bought two pairs in six days. A bit of a jegging binge if you like, after a strict diet of straight leg jeans, but as my mother always told me, “Too much of one thing is good for nothing.” One pair is an experiment. Two pairs declares that we are going steady. I like them but I miss belt loops. They keep falling down as they don’t cling like standard jersey leggings do, but I love the look. (No, not the look of them while they fall down in case you’re wondering, I mean the general appearance. Just wanted to clarify). Mine are from Evans but can anyone else recommend any others?

Cutting a Dash

Is it spring yet? It should be. Spring really ought to start on January 2nd with longer days and warmer weather. That way, by the time collections like this drop in February….

Evans The Cut

…the weather is ready for the explosion of colour, feel great optimism and all round joy.

But the reality is that the country is sinking under a deluge of water with no respite in sight. My showerproof coat is putting in crazy overtime and desperately trying to live up to its title that’s been relentlessly tested over recent weeks. I’ve got a terrible cold and haven’t been to work for two days and am so cold at night I’m sleeping in my fluffy dressing gown and wishing it had a hood. Spring has definitely not sprung but when it does, I’m coming for the aqua trousers and shirt, the cardigan and the geometric skirt and top.

What do you think of the range? Love it? Hate it?

Festive Spirit

I’m not usually into Christmas and don’t decorate the house at all or go crazy sending cards and gifts to everyone I can think of. I’m pretty much anti hype so would much rather remember someone’s birthday than buy them a Christmas gift just because that’s what I’m expected to do. Still, even an old scrooge like me couldn’t resist when my young cousins threw down the gauntlet and said I should dress as Mrs Claus on Christmas day for the annual family dinner.


The dress is one I bought from Asos two years ago but for some reason, have only worn once. I stitched on some white fur trim I bought from a local market, donned my new sparkly heels from Evans and Mrs Claus I was.


Taken halfway through the dinner hence the biscuit crumbs on the floor.

I had a grand time and even got into full festive spirit by singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” to people down the phone. It was fun acting out of character for one day but I’m sure next year I’ll be back to my usual miserable self.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays, readers!

Evans Contest Winner

Contest Winner

Evans Giveaway!

Glitter ShoesIt’s now October so officially the 5 year blogversary celebrations are over, but its my birthday soon so what more of an excuse do we need to continue the celebrations?!?!

Evans are offering a £50 voucher to one lucky reader and all you have to do is leave a comment on this post to be in with a chance to win. The contest is open worldwide to readers in any country that Evans will usually deliver to. (Where exactly do they not deliver to?) The contest will close on Tuesday October 15th at 11pm GMT.

While we’re on the subject of contests- you have one week left to enter the design an outfit for Gabby contest, and be in with a chance of winning an Igigi dress and a $200 Hope and Harvest voucher. Get drawing!

Design contest entries to fatgirlclothes at yahoo dot com

Fat girls like quality too

One of my pet peeves with Evans is the quality of their shoes. As someone with super wide feet there really aren’t many places on the high street where I can buy stylish shoes that fit so Evans is always my first stop. Just yesterday I breezed through my local store with the singular intention of checking out their shoes, and I really did blow through like a gust of wind as nothing grabbed my attention. My problem is their lack of real leather footwear. Evans always do great leather boots in winter but when it comes to sandals and shoes they fall flat. We all love a bargain but I’m sick and tired of cheap PU shoes that often just look- well- cheap. Where are the quality on trend leather shoes? My feet want to breathe, as well as look good- is that too much to ask?

Someone must have read my mind as this afternoon I saw these on the website…


Stylish shoes in real leather- I almost fell off my chair. I’m hoping this new focus on quality footwear isn’t just a temporary thing. We need more.

It’s here!

Clements Ribeiro Swan SS13

How excited are you?!?!?!?

Evans Blogger range

Hard Ears

Last week Evans took over part of an empty shop unit in the Pavillions Shopping Centre in Birmingham, and created a one day style advisory where they were inviting people in for styling advice mixed with a little pampering in the way of a free hand massage or manicure.


So in I popped and was introduced to a lovely young woman called Sarina who took my measurements and found my shape category.


Despite being busty I hadn’t accounted for my big belly (can’t see it over my boobs) which makes me slot into the “apple” category rather than “busty” which is where I thought I was. Sarina was great and talked to me about items from the range to best suit my shape and about what clothes I like to wear, etc. As you already know,  I don’t really follow fashion rules but it was interesting to hear someone else’s advice on what suits me best. Looser shapes that skim rather than cling, and detail around the neckline.  Like this….




After my consultation I was handed a key ring with a diagram of my shape on it to remind me, escorted to the beautican who gave me a hand massage and then taken to the store a few doors away and given a 30% discount off my purchases. The service was good and if you’re someone who never knows what to buy I would really recommend using the in store advisory to help you out.

Armed with my key ring and discount I went shopping and bought these…


After all Sarina’s hard work advising me on what works best for my apple shape I still went ahead and bought clothes designed for an hourglass figure. There’s no telling some people.


Favourite Frock

Do you have clothes that you don’t wear much because you don’t want to wear them out too quickly? This dress falls into that category. I don’t wear it often enough. This is the second time I’m putting it on, and I wore it to the same venue both times- church. At church it won’t be under much stress and will last much longer than it would if I wore it to work. Its machine washable but I still hand wash it just in case I accidentally ruin it, and I don’t drink blackcurrant or eat anything in a sauce while its on. I really ought to just stop being so precious about it- its just a dress after all- but its one of my favourites of the year so it deserves special treatment.

Dress- Clements Ribeiro for Evans

Boots- VERY Old Evans

Belt- ASOS. Yes, that belt AGAIN.


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