The Fabric Utilisation Scheme

Fabric is taking  over the house.


fabric2 fabric3

And that’s just a small sample of the metre after metre of print, pattern and plain fabric that is stashed in every available corner. There’s a box of fabric beside my bed that I use as a nightstand, a box in the spare room, a box on the wardrobe in the spare room- its bloomin’ everywhere.

So. I’m having a clear out. But I’m not throwing it all out, I’m having a mass sewing frenzy and making item after item, dress after dress, skirt after skirt until my fingers bleed. Or I utilise all the stock- whichever happens first.

I’ll be making things in various sizes and selling them in my Etsy shop. In fact- I’ve already started..




Fabrics are limited so there will only be one, maybe two of most items unless I happen to have an entire roll of something- which is rare. Items I’m modelling are worn for the length of time it takes to take a photograph. All items are brand spanking new and made with my own hands. Any questions- ask!

Beloved Endavour- Etsy

Festive Spirit

I’m not usually into Christmas and don’t decorate the house at all or go crazy sending cards and gifts to everyone I can think of. I’m pretty much anti hype so would much rather remember someone’s birthday than buy them a Christmas gift just because that’s what I’m expected to do. Still, even an old scrooge like me couldn’t resist when my young cousins threw down the gauntlet and said I should dress as Mrs Claus on Christmas day for the annual family dinner.


The dress is one I bought from Asos two years ago but for some reason, have only worn once. I stitched on some white fur trim I bought from a local market, donned my new sparkly heels from Evans and Mrs Claus I was.


Taken halfway through the dinner hence the biscuit crumbs on the floor.

I had a grand time and even got into full festive spirit by singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” to people down the phone. It was fun acting out of character for one day but I’m sure next year I’ll be back to my usual miserable self.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays, readers!

Vintage item of the week 17/12/13

Click Image to go straight there…

Tartan Finish

Freckle Face

Remember this item of the week post from 2011?

Office Freckles ShoeThe Freckle shoe by Office. I still love these shoes now. I never bought them as they didn’t fit but everytime I go into an Office store and see the same shoe in a new colourway, I smile. And touch it. So imagine how happy I was to go thrifting this week and see the original shoe from the 80′s in a charity shop!

bowtie1 bowtie4Oh Office you crafty lot, there I was thinking that the design was an original idea from the inner cortex of one of your super skilled design team. Tut tut tut. Still, I snapped those bee-arches right up! Do they fit me- course not. But I’m sure they’ll fit one of you lovely ladies perfectly. UK size 8, standard fit, good condition, and available now in my Etsy shop.

Item of the week 06/12/2013

Robot Wars

£8, Ladybird Likes on Etsy

Geometric deja vu

One of my all time favourite designer brands is Dutch label, Spijkers en Spijkers who have a long standing love affair with all things geometric, and seem to design every collection with me in mind. Their simple but striking detailing sings to my soul so much so that I check out their archives regularly to oooo and ahhh over what I could wear if I was ten sizes smaller and several zeros richer. I think I know every collection they’ve ever launched, inside out.

So while browsing the Navabi website today there were a few pieces by Mat that jumped out at me as they reminded me of previous Spjikers en Spijkers ranges that I’ve seen over the years…..

SpijkersIt appears my geometric loving clean cut, bold shapes time has come. And about time too.

Spijkers en Spijkers images from

Mat images from

Anything but black

The LBD is the tried and tested default setting for party dressing. While reliable, it can get a little boring so I’ve scoured the internet to bring you nine of the best non- black party dresses that I could find, at all price points. However, I won’t be wearing any of these for Christmas dinner, as I’ve somehow managed to get myself talked into dressing as Mrs Christmas on Christmas day. I’ve promised my kid cousins that I’ll be in full Santa costume, complete with white fur trim and mince pies while they dress up as elves. If they turn up without pointy ears and a helpful disposition there will be trouble.

Non Black

1. Isabel Peplum dress, $208, Monif C

2. Regina dress, $175, Igigi

3. Sybel Dress, $188, Monif C

4. Tartan velour dress £44, Simply Be

5. Hermann Lange, £107.90 at Navabi

6. Wrap dress, £535, Roberto Cavalli

7. Rue 107, $95

8. Ashley Stewart, $32.72

9. Nora Dress, $165, Igigi



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