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Are you getting married? Is that your baptismal dress? Both comments I’ve heard today. No, and no.

I’ve never worn a white dress. Apart from white vests and tees, I don’t even have any white clothes*. White is just not a colour that I wear and technically speaking its not even a colour at all, really. It’s a well known fact that I love brights so when people see me in white I understand the propensity to think there must be a logical reason behind it. I bought this in  Monsoon last summer but have never worn it. It was the embroidered spots that caught my eye, the Little House On The Prairie styling that reeled me in, and the sale price that sealed the deal. The look with the natural tan accessories and soft hairstyle is somewhat puritanical, and I feel like I should be skipping barefoot through a meadow, but in a strange way I feel kind of… liberated from colour. Is this a normal reaction to wearing all white? There was a guy at my church who only ever wore white clothing. I used to think he was a little odd. I know his motivation was more spiritual than sartorial, but I’m beginning to see the appeal. Am I losing my mind? Someone please help before I lose it completely and start bleaching all my clothes.

If you want to try out the washing-powder-white look I’ve done some searching for the best white dresses I could find. Just prepare yourself for the questions.

All White

*Oh, I forgot about this blouse.

1.ASOS dress, £45,

2. Jibri, £107

3. Simply Be, £27.50,

4. Dorothy Perkins £33.75

5. Monif C, $158

6. Ashley Stewart $49.50

Handmade Summertime Brights

tHREE ITS THE MAGIC NUMBERLatest handmade additions to the shop. Varying sizes, prices £26- £35. Click image to go straight there.

Vital Statistics

New shop item!

I’m on a sewing roll! This week’s addition to the shop comes in the form of this bold cotton top with a measuring tape print. The bodice is fitted and has an open ended zip at the back so that the back opens up completely. Unlike the world print top, the zipper is hidden. This beauty is a size 22 but I I have more fabric so if you would like one custom made, please ask! Detailed measurements are:

Bust: 49.5″/ 126cm
Waist: 45.5″/ 115cm
Shoulder to hem length: 28.5″/73cm
Sleeve length: 8.5″/ 22cm
Cuff: 9.5″/ 24cm

There’s a certain irony is a larger woman wearing clothing that’s covered in measurements as many of us keep our vital statistics a closely guarded secret. This top laughs in the face of such contrived modesty and is not for the faint of heart!

Measuretape1 Measuretape2

Around the world in a day

The headless fattie strikes again.

I’m slowly but surely working through the pile of fabric that’s threatening to evict me from my own home. I’ve made another skirt, this time using the Vintage Marco Polo/ Dora the Explorer inspired nautical cotton print that I recently added to the stockpile because I’m weak.


nautical1 nautical2

The skirt is a UK30 with a 50″/ 127cm waist. For more details please see the Etsy Listing.

Also, I’m sporting a new tshirt from M&S which is here.


The latest handcrafted addition to the Etsy shop….

Union Skirt


I’ve put it on for the photo but I’m so darn pleased with how its turned out that I’m going to make another one for myself, pronto. Its a great vintage style print with a rock ‘n’ roll edge, on cotton poplin fabric. If you look carefully you will see that the text mentions the likes of The Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Coldplay and um…. McFly? It really is quite an amusing read.

The skirt shown has a 47.5″/ 121cm waist and is 31.5″/ 80cm long. There is an exposed zipper at the back with a small button on the inside for extra security, and side pockets. I can make it shorter if you would prefer a shorter length.

For more info and to see other new and vintage items, go here now.

PS- I’m now on Instagram! ID: fatgirlclothes

Item of the week 24/05/14

white jacket

Items of the Week 03/03/2014

ASOS CHECK SUITTop- £32, Asos Curve

Skirt: £38, Asos Curve

Cutting a Dash

Is it spring yet? It should be. Spring really ought to start on January 2nd with longer days and warmer weather. That way, by the time collections like this drop in February….

Evans The Cut

…the weather is ready for the explosion of colour, feel great optimism and all round joy.

But the reality is that the country is sinking under a deluge of water with no respite in sight. My showerproof coat is putting in crazy overtime and desperately trying to live up to its title that’s been relentlessly tested over recent weeks. I’ve got a terrible cold and haven’t been to work for two days and am so cold at night I’m sleeping in my fluffy dressing gown and wishing it had a hood. Spring has definitely not sprung but when it does, I’m coming for the aqua trousers and shirt, the cardigan and the geometric skirt and top.

What do you think of the range? Love it? Hate it?

Geometric deja vu

One of my all time favourite designer brands is Dutch label, Spijkers en Spijkers who have a long standing love affair with all things geometric, and seem to design every collection with me in mind. Their simple but striking detailing sings to my soul so much so that I check out their archives regularly to oooo and ahhh over what I could wear if I was ten sizes smaller and several zeros richer. I think I know every collection they’ve ever launched, inside out.

So while browsing the Navabi website today there were a few pieces by Mat that jumped out at me as they reminded me of previous Spjikers en Spijkers ranges that I’ve seen over the years…..

SpijkersIt appears my geometric loving clean cut, bold shapes time has come. And about time too.

Spijkers en Spijkers images from

Mat images from

Anything but black

The LBD is the tried and tested default setting for party dressing. While reliable, it can get a little boring so I’ve scoured the internet to bring you nine of the best non- black party dresses that I could find, at all price points. However, I won’t be wearing any of these for Christmas dinner, as I’ve somehow managed to get myself talked into dressing as Mrs Christmas on Christmas day. I’ve promised my kid cousins that I’ll be in full Santa costume, complete with white fur trim and mince pies while they dress up as elves. If they turn up without pointy ears and a helpful disposition there will be trouble.

Non Black

1. Isabel Peplum dress, $208, Monif C

2. Regina dress, $175, Igigi

3. Sybel Dress, $188, Monif C

4. Tartan velour dress £44, Simply Be

5. Hermann Lange, £107.90 at Navabi

6. Wrap dress, £535, Roberto Cavalli

7. Rue 107, $95

8. Ashley Stewart, $32.72

9. Nora Dress, $165, Igigi



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