Item of the week 05/06/14


jay Bird Shoes, £65, Office

Item of the week 06/12/2013

Robot Wars

£8, Ladybird Likes on Etsy

Item of the week 06/11/13

grey bag

$400, Bracher Emden via The Cools

Brightly Patterned Goodies

Dionne GoodingA few weeks back I posted about Demestiks New York who create great pieces using vibrant African prints that I fell in love with instantly . If African fabrics are a little too bright and attention grabbing for you to wear as clothing, how about in smaller doses in the way of accessories?

Dionne Gooding is an accessories designer who specialises in shoes and bags, utilising a variety of different types of fabrics including wax prints (Ankara), and  Kente (woven  designs) in her work. These bright pieces when teamed with plain colours would really make an outfit “pop” and I have my eye on a few items myself, particularly the clutch bags- and who doesn’t like a superbly distinctive clutch? Sign me up for just about all of them.


Item of the week 18/08/2013


£190, I Know The Queen

Item of the Week 26/07/2013

Office Tassel Shoe

£65, Office

Item of the week 17/07/2013

Tatty Devine

£135, Tatty Devine

Item of the Week 18/06/2013

Angel Jackson clutch

Angel Jackson, £273

Fat girls like quality too

One of my pet peeves with Evans is the quality of their shoes. As someone with super wide feet there really aren’t many places on the high street where I can buy stylish shoes that fit so Evans is always my first stop. Just yesterday I breezed through my local store with the singular intention of checking out their shoes, and I really did blow through like a gust of wind as nothing grabbed my attention. My problem is their lack of real leather footwear. Evans always do great leather boots in winter but when it comes to sandals and shoes they fall flat. We all love a bargain but I’m sick and tired of cheap PU shoes that often just look- well- cheap. Where are the quality on trend leather shoes? My feet want to breathe, as well as look good- is that too much to ask?

Someone must have read my mind as this afternoon I saw these on the website…


Stylish shoes in real leather- I almost fell off my chair. I’m hoping this new focus on quality footwear isn’t just a temporary thing. We need more.

Hamming it up

I don’t eat pork, but even I wouldn’t hesitate to walk around proudly with this comical “hambag”, as created by The Rodnik Band. The Rodnik Band isn’t an actual band as the name suggests, but rather a designer who fuses music, fashion and art influences to create whimsical pieces such as these below.

ham bag

Prices start from £249 at Not Just a Label, so while definitely not cheap, the bags are a good size and lets face it, they’re so unique I can’t really see anyone getting sick of them and handing them over to Oxfam anytime soon.

ham bag2

ham bag3


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