Beloved Endeavour Vintage Hits the Road!

The Beloved Endeavour online Etsy store is packing up its cases and hitting the road. I have secured a stall at Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair in Worcester this Sunday 26th October, at the Guild Hall. I’m happy and nervous all at once as I’ve not done a proper stall before, but I’m optimistic it will go well. I have LOADS more stock than what is on the website in size 12- 30. I even have a few size 10 items too. If you are in the area, come along- and bring friends! Please share!

Guild Hall, High Street, Worcester, WR1 2EY.

Lou Lou

Scott Schuman’s Got Nothing on Me

I’m naturally a pretty shy person and hardly ever have the guts to approach anyone in the street to do any street style photography. Part of the problem is that I am mildly concerned about being pushed under a bus when I tell someone that my blog is called “Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too,” before I get the chance to explain that the fat girl in the title is me. Misinterpretation can be a serious thing.

Things are looking up because I have taken two photos in recent weeks. This lovely lady called Kelly who I saw in a Yours store in Birmingham…




…wearing a lovely dress that I thought was vintage but was in fact from Simply Be. And..



….who is definitely the most consistently well dressed man in the whole West Midlands region. I have never seen him wearing anything less than a full three piece suit with matching hat, shoes and jewellery.  I’ve taken photos of him before so he’s used to me stopping him in the street. See more of John here, and here. One day I’m going to take him out for coffee. I’m on a roll.



Tata Naka SS 2015

Man, I love fashion.

005_304x456 010_304x456 013_304x456 020_426x639 029_304x456026_304x456

Check Me Out

After spending the last two months in a uniform of denim leggings, tshirts and trainers, I decided I’d had enough of my “normcore” look and wanted to wear something different. Not for any particular occasion- just out of boredom. My favourite grey marl sweatshirt is so comfy but I’d gotten sick of seeing it. So yesterday I made this outfit…

Tartan Army

Its marvelous how a new outfit can make you strut a little more confidently.

Top and Skirt- Beloved Endeavour (Will be adding it to the Etsy shop soon)

Jacket- Old New Look

Boots- Old Evans

Bag- Fossil

Evans Almighty

I may be a little biased but London Fashion Week has always been my favourite fashion week since day dot, and this season the promise of the  Evans Design Collective show gave me another reason to look forward to it. Imagine- Evans on the main LFW schedule slap bang in the middle of the week. Well where else would it be- could you imagine putting any Phillip Green associated show off schedule? Ha! I think not. The Evans team plus six established designers- Giles Deacon, Clements Ribeiro, Hema Kaul, Lulu Liu, Jamie Wei Huang, and Vita Gottlieb- all showcasing clothes I can fit into. The collection looked great and it was good to see directional pieces that wouldn’t have looked out of place in any other LFW show for younger customers, alongside more classic fare for their core customer. The mix was good and as a brand that tries to be everything to every fat body, I think they did well.

Watch the show. What are your favourite pieces? Mine are the green evening dress, the white asymmetric dungaree dress and the silver leather laser cut skirt. Oh and the white burnout midi skirt. And the translucent silver floaty skirt. And the……..

Item of the Week 12/09/14

Look SB Skirt

£39.99- LOOK Collection for Simply Be

ZZZZ at Asda

Yesterday Asda launched its new plus sized range which goes up to a size 32 and I have to say I’m very……. underwhelmed.


Maybe its because its fashion week season and I’ve been looking at beauties like this…


and this…

Adeam (Image from

Adeam (Image from

and this….

Christian Siriano (Image from

Christian Siriano (Image from

and these…


Opening Ceremony (Images from

Opening Ceremony (Images from

….. that make the George Plus range appear doubly uninspiring by contrast. Of course, I  wouldn’t expect high fashion from a supermarket line like I would from Asos or Evans, but I would expect a little bit more effort. Just a little bit. George Plus, you really do disappoint.

Any thoughts from you dear readers?

OH- And to add insult to injury- the range is only available online. But of course, you expected that didn’t you?


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